About Me

My name is Stephanie,

I wanted to start by introducing myself and telling you all a little bit about who I am, what I love and where I hope to be.

I am a late twenties, young pre-professional, medical student, fur mom to a Persian cat and a French Bulldog, and a just a girl who loves beauty, shiny things, traveling, to be in nature, learn, spend time with family and friends and to connect with others.

My purpose for developing Baubles and Brains is to share some of skills I have learned, share my favorite things and utilize the platform as a creative outlet to combat my stress and hopefully affect one person positively whether it be with exposing them to something new that might find them joy like it does me or to connect with someone else who is like minded.

I hope that you find something useful in my posts: a new product, a new idea, skill or just to destress by reading/browsing the WWW.

With love,