Gift Guide for Medical School Acceptance

So you’re loved one has just been accepted to medical school?

What a great accomplishment that is!

You may be wondering what would be a fun/useful gift to congratulate them on all their hard work, after all they spend years pursuing this goal!

Well, look no further!

I have some great gift ideas for your future medical student!

– Personalized Stethoscope- this is very well the most used clinical item of any student doctor.

My favorite is the Cardiology IV by 3M Littman. It has a ton of different color combinations and if you order from the site linked they can personalize it! While this option is a bit pricey it will last your student doctor for years to come and it is the gold standard in stethoscopes in my opinion however there are other good options. (I have the Rainbow with Black combination shown below).


Gift Basket– Who doesn’t love a gift basket? No one!
This of course can be filled with anything but as someone speaking from experience gift cards of any value to anywhere are always great as well as coffee, note pads, pens, pencils, highlighters, and expo markers (they will be using these during school A LOT)! Whatever your loved one likes just throw it in!
Here are some of my favorites:

Coffee Mug and Starbucks Gift Card: Feel free to substitute other cards! Medical students in general drink SO MUCH coffee!

-Another simple gift I thought was really meaningful was a book called “Every Patient Tells A Story”, It is nice to have something else to read besides textbooks to remember why we are going to school.

Want more of a gag gift? This Med School In a Box is a great idea!

– A pin to personalize their white coat! I have one from that I LOVE! You can choose from a brain, uterus, skull, rib cage! While this sounds morbid they are very cute and artsy. Check out all of their products at the link below.


-Every medical student looks forward to their first white coat, a right of passage if you will. I have this adorable hanger from an Etsy Shop (Click the Photo Below!)
A great option for a more personalized touch!

-If you aim for a more practical gift I would go for something like a Netter’s Collection that they will certainly utilize throughout the dreaded Anatomy Course that every medical student goes through. I recommend the coloring book shown below! The flash cards and atlas are also great options!

Last but not least a simple card is AMAZING! I have kept all my cards and letters because it means so much when the people around you recognize the hard work that it takes to get to medical school.

Of course this is not an all-inclusive lists but I know that my loved ones wanted to congratulate me but did not know what i would need or want for the occasion so I thought this guide would be useful to others!

If you have any other good ideas leave them below so i can check them out!


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